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Mobile Storage


Premium quality Renobox® mobile storages are appropriate in many situations, whether you are moving or in need of temporary additional storing space.


The mobile storage sturdy construction is an ideal storage space you can keep on site. No need to move your belongings from one place to another.


Eliminate space problems!

Why a mobile storage is more useful than a moving truck?


Because it is most likely what you really need!



Our operators :

For instance, if you need storage while renovating, or if you need to put furniture in storage for a short period of time, or if you are moving from one site to another, using a mobile storage is anrenobox-mobile storage easy, low cost and effective solution.


The unique Renobox®mobiles storages are designed to be reliable and durable.


Renobox® mobile storages advantages:

  • Spacious: 1,024 cubic feet of storage. Size: 16’x 8′ x 7.5 ‘ tall;
  • Mobile StorageEasy access : Because the mobile storage is placed on the ground, it is very easy to drop in large objects or move them out;
  • Secure : Each storage has a locking system designed to fit any type of lock (lock not included);
  • Solid : Renobox storage may remain outside in all weather conditions. Their superior construction allows for a smooth air flow, thus keeping everything dry;
  • Esthetic : The exterior finish blends in with the environment. No unsightly appearance;
  • Accessible : Keep your furniture and personal belongings on your land or yard while renovating. It is possible to place the mobile warehouse wherever you want because of the light weight transport equipment we use.
  • Flexible : The mobile storage can be used as a temporary office, or for tool storage on a construction site, or as a showroom;
  • Strong : Load capacity of 10,000 pounds (4,535 kilograms);20130628_071114
  • Clean: all mobiles storages are cleaned after each use;
  • Stress-free: load personal belongings at your own pace;
  • Worry-free: no liability in connection with truck rental;
  • No hidden costs (fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc.)
  • You don’t know where to store your furniture while renovating ?
    You need more storage space?
    Duo-Reno special offer could be the solution for you!


Mobile Storage in action


Mobile warehouses Park

Long term or one-year lease? It’s possible!

Mobile Storage ParkAn exclusive concept for business owners!


Lease a mobile storage permanently and fees will apply only when we move it from on construction site to another. This is a more economical solution than renting a truck with all the related additional costs.


Moreover, you can affix your company logo on the storages units.


Lease a mobile storage now, delivered where and when you need it!


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