Renobox biannual meeting

Posted 8 March 2017 events @en by Carolane Dupont.

rencontre biannuelle 2017

The first biannual meeting of Renobox was a tropical themed in spite of the cold that reigned outside on March 5, 2017. We were very pleased to see the participation of our operators who have come from as far as Saguenay and Abitibi.


On this day, we underlined the longevity of our operator of Brossard, René Perron who in 2016 crossed the bar of 3 years with the organization.


3 ans d'opération

The competition for the year 2017 was launched in with the special destination: Cuba. It was a fun and rewarding day for both the operators and the Renobox management team in Trois-Rivières. We can say that the 2017 is starting off to a good start.

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