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Daniel Théroux & Stéphane Alarie

Daniel Théroux & Stéphane Alarie offers Renobox® containers and mobile storage units at Pierreville. Equipped with a lightweight truck (pick-up), they can drive on all types of terrain to deposit the equipment where it will be most convenient for you.


Why calling Daniel Théroux Stéphane Alarie?

A container or a mobile storage unit, they are nothing more than empty boxes, you think? However the professionalism of a dealer like Daniel Théroux Stéphane Alarie at Pierreville makes all the difference.

  • The equipment is swept and cleaned after each usage;
  • No rust is permitted. So if it rains, there will be no messy leaks;
  • The storage units are designed specifically to remain outdoors; very practical for short, medium and long term storage!;
  • Available at all times, Daniel Théroux Stéphane Alarie comes when you are ready.

Contact Daniel Théroux Stéphane Alarie today!

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