Move Differently and at Your Own Pace

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Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for moves. But the months of August, December, January and May are also for thousands of students. We can package our little ones alone, get help from our entourage or pay professionals. Have you thought about renting a mobile storage unit?


We have contacted a specialist of mobile storage units for you.

  • The mobile storage unit must be placed on planks and rust free to leave no trace of his departure.
  • A rigid roof allows the airtightness of the cabin. And when it is transparent, it can be seen both inside and out.
  • Hooks on the inside are needed to keep the cargo in place.
  • The interior must be clean. We must guarantee that they are not infested.
  • Renobox’s mobile storage units measure 16′ x 8′ x 8′ inside or 1024 sq² which equates to a appartment equivalent to a 4 ½ tidy inside. They can support a load of 10,000 pounds. This is not always the case elsewhere.


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