Your contractor equipment

Solid heavy duty equipments for efficient work

The working tools of a Renobox® dealership

You think that a major investment is required in order to acquire a fleet of trucks?  Think again! A 3/4 ton truck with a « fifth-wheel » harness is sufficient to start a dealership. All Renobox® equipements are light, compact,  easy to operate and can be installed almost anywhere.

Unlike most competitors who use 10 wheels or trailers, you can easily access a residential land without damaging the property.

Here are the equipments you will use as a Renobox® dealership :

A three axle « Roll-Off » trailer

The “Roll-Off” trailer exclusive to Renobox® ™ is simply the most reliable and the most robust in the industry. We have been developing this trailer for five years now, and have made several improvements along the way in order to achieve the highest levels of quality.

Our trailers are manufactured in compliance with the North American “Roll-Off” standards which makes them very versatile to allow you to diversify your income sources through the use of different accessories.

The multifunctional aspect of the trailer significantly increases your competitiveness, allowing you to meet a variety of needs in the renovation, construction and related industries.

Nestable containers

We make nestable containers to allow our dealership to reduce their operating costs by allowing them to carry two containers at a time. This caracteristic also allows them to serve the recycling market with greater efficiency.

Mobile storage units

The mobile storage industry is a fast-growing sector in Canada and many opportunities are available in several markets. Renobox® mobile storage units can be converted to meet different needs: refrigerated units, exhibition space,  etc.


Possible uses:

  • Moving service;
  • Outdoor or indoor storage;
  • Post-disaster service;
  • Special events.




Transport platform

To diversify and increase your transportation revenue, the trailer can be equipped with a multifunctional transport platform that allows you to do general transportation.  As such, you will be able to carry all kinds of oversized equipments and tools.


The huge advantage over tow trucks and flat-bed” is that this platform can be deposited on the ground, greatly facilitating loading.



Dimensions available:

14′ x 8′

16′ x 8′


Your start-up inventory

To get a good start and to provide returns quickly, we have established a start-up inventory which, in most cases, is suitable for starting a Renobox® dealership in your area.

  • A three axle « Roll-Off » trailer;
  • Six nestable containers for renovation;
  • Three moving or storage containers (Renobox®);
  • One multifunctional transport platform.

As your business grows, you can increase your inventory and progress as a recognized entrepreneur in your community.

With the ability to use a wide range of accessories, we can help you achieve your goals by diversifying your sources of income.

Interested in becoming a Renobox® dealer? Contact us at 1 877 447-6336 or complete the online form.

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