Support and development of your business

Support for the start-up of your Renobox® dealership!

The Renobox® support has been created to meet your specific needs during the start-up and the growth of your Renobox® business.

Since then, we have gathered different demands to supply a complete kit of tools to insure a well-structured and wise business start-up, especially during the first weeks, which are often critical.

Operation support

So you can launch your dealership as soon as possible, you will receive an outstanding start-up support! :

  • Compiling of your business plan;
  • Market study;
  • Financing research;
  • Equipment handling and maintenance training.

Commercial support

Becoming a Renobox Dealership also involves many related tasks that are not planned ahead before taking the plunge. That is why we have developed a unique commercial support for this type of business. This will prevent errors which sometimes are very costly and provide awareness required to get your first contracts quickly.

  • Creation of the corporate image of your business;
  • Lettering on the equipment;
  • A Web presence for your dealership and your area;
  • Online publicity, Facebook, Google+;
  • Promotion via the blog and social networks;
  • Financing research;
  • Training and formation.

The strength of a network

When you start a Renobox® dealership, you automatically join the dealership network who is always ready and happy to help you and to share with you their experience so you can grow quickly. The sooner you will be efficient, the more your reputation will improve and grow. That’s the strength of a solid network like Renobox®!

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