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Benefit from optimized profitability with our « Roll-Off » equipment specifically designed to reduce operating costs:

  • Reduce transportation costs with our stackable containers;
  • Offer an impeccable service by protecting your customers’ properties with our two-axle trailer (better weight distribution, greater stability, etc.).

The Renobox® dealerships are proud to offer their clients top quality service at highly competitive prices.


The Renobox® dealership is the ideal project, as a start-up or to grow your existing business. We work with well-known financial institutions across the country to provide you with a financing solution that is tailored to your needs.


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In 2004, Renobox® is the exclusive manufacturing agent of the « Roll-Off » trailers.


Renobox® is rapidly evolving into a turnkey business opportunity, including full start-up support.


Renobox® provides entrepreneurs the perfect solution to start their own business.  It is often compared to a franchise system, without the constraints and disadvantages of franchising.


In 2012, Renobox® became a group of independent contractors working in the renovation container and mobile storage unit rental industry. Thanks to the versatility of the renowned Renobox® « Roll-Off » system, our range of offerings also includes diverse light transportation services.

Invest in a Renobox® dealership.


With the business concept of Renobox® dealerships, we are committed to offering a turnkey opportunity, without requiring to pay royalties. The only requirement is the investment in a start-up package. Why do we operate this way?


Simply because we believe in the expansion potential of each sector and that you will need new quality equipment to meet the growing demand.


Financing plan available


Whether you are starting up a new business or you are running a well-established business, we have a financing solution for you.  We work with nationally renowned financial institutions to efficiently serve our clients’ needs.


 The required down payment can range from $20,000 to $35,000 ($0 if you are already in business with sufficient equity).


The Renobox® business concept can generate a profit of $50,000, even after just the first year of operation.

Robust equipment for efficient work


The tools of a Renobox® dealer


You see large investments to acquire a fleet of trucks? Not so!  A ¾ tonne truck with a fifth-wheel coupling is enough to start a dealership.  All Renobox® equipment is made to be lightweight, compact and easy to handle in order to be installed almost anywhere.


Unlike most competitors who use 10 wheels or semi-trailers, you can easily enter residential lots without damaging the property.


Here is the equipment you will use in a Renobox® dealership:


Two-axle « Roll-Off » Trailer


Our trailers are manufactured in compliance with the North American “Roll-Off” standards, which make them greatly versatile and will allow you to diversify your sources of income via the use of various accessories.


The multi-functional aspect of the trailer greatly increases your competitiveness, allowing you to meet a wide variety of needs in the renovation, construction and related industries.


Stackable Containers


We manufacture stackable containers to allow our operators to reduce their operating costs by allowing them to transport two containers at a time.  This feature will also allow them to serve the recycling market with greater efficiency.


Mobile Storage Units


The rental of mobile storage units is a rapidly growing segment in Canada and many opportunities are available in several markets.

Possible uses:

  • Moving service
  • Indoor and outdoor storage
  • Disaster recovery
  • Special events


Transportation Platform


To diversify and increase your revenues, the trailer can be equipped with a multifunctional transport platform that instantly converts your truck into a general carrier.  This would allow you to move many oversized tools and equipment.


The main advantage over flat-bed trucks and tows is that this platform can be placed on the ground, significantly facilitating loading.


Available Dimensions:

16′ x 8′

18′ x 8′


Your Start-up Kit


In order to ensure rapid start-up and profitability, we have developed a baseline inventory, which in the vast majority of cases is suitable for the start-up of a Renobox® dealership in your region.

  • A «  Roll-Off » system installed on a two-axle trailer or Isuzu truck
  • Five stackable renovation waste containers
  • One moving and storage unit;
  • One Expobox (Mobile storage unit modified for events)
  • One multi-usage transportation platform


As your business grows, you can increase your inventory and meet the needs your community.


With the ability to use a wide range of accessories, we can help you achieve your goals by diversifying your revenue stream.


Interested in becoming a Renobox® dealer? Communicate with us at 1 877 447-6336 or complete and submit the form online request.

Whether for a move or for a temporary additional space, Renobox® top quality mobile storage units are suitable for all situations.


Their robust construction makes them an ideal storage space that you can keep on site.  No need to pay for two moves.


Eliminate space restrictions


Why is a mobile storage unit more useful than a moving truck?  Because often, this is not what you really need.


For example, if you need more storage space during work, if you need to store furniture for a short period of time or if you are moving between different jobsites, using a mobile storage unit is an easy and cost-effective solution.


The Renobox® mobile storage units are robust and have the most unique design. They are adaptable to any situation.


Advantages of the Renobox® mobile storage units

  • Large : Storage space of 1,024 cubic feet, dimension 16’ x 8’ x 7,5’ high;
  • Low access : Because the unit is dropped on the ground, you do not have to strain yourself to stack large pieces within the unit;
  • Secure : Each unit has a locking system designed for any type of padlock (padlock not included);
  • Solid : The Renobox® storage units can be stored outdoor, regardless of the weather conditions;
  • Aesthetics : This attention to detail allows you to easily keep a storage unit on your property, even in the case of a long-term project;
  • Accessible : Keep your furniture and personal belongings on your property during the renovations.  Our lightweight transportation equipment allows putting the storage unit wherever it is most convenient for you;
  • Flexible : The storage unit can serve as a temporary office, as a place to store tools on a construction site or even as a space to hold demonstrations;
  • Robust : Load capacity of 10,000 pounds;
  • Clean : All units are cleaned after each use;
  • No stress : Loading personal items at your own pace;
  • No worries : No liability related to the rental of a truck;
  • No hidden fees (gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.).


Are you renovating and looking for a place to store your furniture?


Do you need extra storage space during a renovation project? The Dual-Reno may comply to your needs.


A permanent rental? It’s possible.


An exclusive concept for entrepreneurs! Rent a mobile storage unit permanently and fees would only apply to site changes. This is a better economical solution than renting an extra truck with all the related costs. In addition, it is permitted to display your company’s logo on the storage unit.


Rent a mobile storage unit today, delivered right to the desired location!


Contact a dealer in your region for an estimate.

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Confidentiality of Information


Under no circumstances will your information be used for any other purpose or communicated to any third party.


Online Presentation


Our online presentation includes the following elements :

  • Equipment specifications;
  • Statistics on renovations and recycling;
  • Financial projections;
  • Details on startup support;
  • The next steps.


Renobox® wants you to make an informed decision before choosing the business opportunity that is most suitable for you. 


Since the beginning of the year, we have put in place a system that will allow you to overcome geographical barriers and to attend a presentation that will cover all aspects of the opportunity, directly from the comfort of your home.


You will be able to access a website from which you can view the various pages of the presentation on your computer screen, while one of our representatives reviews each topic with you over the phone.

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