Trip to the south

Posted 14 January 2016 Non classé @en by Carolane Dupont.

trip to the south

Going on a trip includes a lot of preparation. Small or long trips, is it important to schedule your preparation if you want to be sure not to forget anything.


4 to 6 weeks before you leave

  • Check the expiry date of your passport
  • Check if vaccines are required to enter into the country you are visiting
  • Learn the traffic laws of the visited country if you plan on driving a car
  • Remember to bring adequate converters for your electronic devices
  • Check the value of the Canadian currency in the country visited


A few weeks prior to your trip

  • Ask someone you trust to pick up your mail
  • Think about renting a place for your pets while you are gone
  • Make arrangements for the maintenance of your plants, lawn or snow removal
  • Provide your itinerary, airline and hotel information to a friend or family member
  • Make a photocopy of your passport, insurance card, drivers license and travel insurance


The day before departure

  • Confirm your flight
  • Make sure you have everything you need in your suitcase
  • Empty the refrigerator
  • Empty all trash
  • Carefully lock all doors and windows
  • Close the blinds in every room
  • Lower the thermostats
  • Close your washing machine water inlet
  • Unplug any electronic devices


All of these tips will help you reduce the risks of trouble whilst you are abroad therefore making a safe and pleasant trip.

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